Tricia (siarh) wrote in lost_addicted,

RPG players needed

I hope this is ok, if not mods, i appologize and you may delete.

My lost/firefly cross over RPG Lost to Alliance is in need of two characters to have a full house.  Eko and Locke.  They are pretty important to the next part of the game.  That isnt to say I am not adverse to Newbies- we are a very Newbie friendly group.  And familiarity in both games is not required. 

Current Plot line:

Mal has taken Locke, Eko, Sawyer, Jack, Ana and Kate on board on board of Serenity where they are showing they are both a help and a hinderance to his crew and his jobs.  Some more than others.  

Mal and his usual job crew are salvagine a dead ship, with the help of Kate, Ana and Jack, while Locke, Eko and Sawyer are left onboard Serenity under the watchful eye of Book, due to the fact that they either didnt volunteer to go or they are on Mals shit list.  

And Inara is off ship getting advice about her and Mal's newest turn in thier relationship..

come check us out, even if you just want to see what it is we will do next.  We have a herd of lurkers for that very reason!
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